Hack Facebook Account by Emissary


My this post help you hack your Victim Facebook Account ID & password like my old post on Gmail account hack .

Before start first confirm that in your system .Net Framework are Installed or not,if not so download it.

Run ‘Emissary.exe’ file and enter your gmail account details,  so that the password and other info of your victim can be mailed to you.I am given advice you use a fake Gmail Account for this.

In Server Name write the server.exe and set interval according to you.

In Fake Error Message write Error Tittle and also Message, because it's display when Victim click on Malicious File.

You also change some settings like...

Block AV Sites: Blocks for the VirusScanning Websites on target computer
Add to Startup: Adds to Startup via Registry
Antis: Anubis, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Keyscrambler, Malwarebytes, NOD32, Norman, Ollydbg, Outpost, Wireshark
Disable TaskManager: Disable TaskManager on target PC
Disable Regedit: Disable’s  the Regedit on target PC.

And Last click on Build Button when you do it then a file build in same folder,send this file to victim.
Because this is a free keylogger, you can’t send server.exe file via email. Almost all email domains have security policy which does not allow sending .exe files. So to do this you need to compress the file with WinRar or upload it to Free File Storage Domains, like Mediafire, rapidshare, filethief etc.

Once the victim runs your sent keylogger file on his computer, it searches for all the stored usernames and passwords and it will send you email containing all keylogs and screenshots regularly after the specified ‘Time interval’.

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