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This post about Spy DLL Remover.I am found this tool by my Security partner "SecurityXploded". This tool works very good,it remove all unwanted DLL from your system.

SpyDllRemover is the specialized tool for detecting spyware & hidden Rootkit in the System.It can also detect & remove user-land Rootkit processes as well as other spyware processes using multiple Rootkit detection algorithms coupled with in-house Process Heuristics.This makes it a generic tool for detecting & removing any known as well as unknown threats compared to traditional Antivirus Software which can detect only Know threats.

Though this tool is useful to novice users, it is mainly designed to help the analysts to uncover spyware elements which are missed by Antivirus softwares. So this tool can also be used along side the traditional Antivirus softwares to effectively detect & protect against known as well as unknown threats. In addition to this, to protect your computer from identity theft, learn identity theft facts at, they highly recommend having a strong firewall, and strong passwords to protect your computer from being hacked.

I am given you my personal view,i am very satisfied with this tool and given my thank to SecurityXploded for introduse me with this tool.

For Download Click Here

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