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You try to keep your email as secure as possible, but if anyone gets in, they get access to all your messages including some in which you might have stored other passwords or sensitive information. If you'd like to send something a bit more private to your friend, you can use the Encipher it.Encipher It is an application aimed at providing security to your textual information through various cipher algorithms. It can convert your plain text into cipher text and enables you to send it as an e-mail or save it to a text file.

Just type your text in Gmail, Facebook, or whatever service you're using, hit the bookmark, and enter the password you want to use to protect your message. Then, text that password to your friend (or send it to them by some means other than email). When they get your email, they can just hit the bookmark, type in the password, and view your secret message.Ciphers that are employed are namely Baconian, ROT47 and keyed Venegere cipher.

Here i am directly send you on Encipher it website where you found this tool and also done live Hands on.

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[Winner] Hackarde 1st Contest Winner Announcement


Announcement Of Hackarde 1st Contest Winner

Some days before i am announce a contest of My blog Hackarde. I am found good response and it good for my all viewer.The prize of 1st Contest is the book of G8t hacker Kevin Mitnick which name is Ghost In The Wires.

Today according to my promise i am going to announce the Winner name of Hackarde 1st contest.So the name is

1st winner

2nd winner

3rd winner
Tam le

I am request to my Winner plz send his Confirmation Email by his registered Email ID to me and after confirmation i am send your copy.

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