Find out Hidden wallpapers and themes in Windows7


We all knew that while windows 7 is been installed it will ask for your country, Time Zone etc.., According to your choice only some wallpaper and theme you found .
Suppose we had selected our country as India, So that windows seven will install some wallpapers which are related to India,But all other wallpaper hide in the system which connect with other country.

So if you want to collect those wallpaper and Theme just follow this step..

Step #1: Click on Start and type "C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT" in the search box.
Step #2: Now a window will open with some sub-folders "MCT-AU, MCT-CA, MCT-GB, MCT-US, and MCT-ZA" in which you can select your hidden wallpapers
Here AU, CA, GB, US, and ZA refers to Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United States and South Africa.

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