Check Your AntiVirus Is Working ?


Today,I am tell about a common method by which you check that your antivirus work properly or not.

Open Notepad and copy the Code given below.


It is a standard text developed by the European Institute for Computer Anti-virus Research (EICAR). Every Anti-Virus is programmed to load this file as a virus.

Save as this file by

It is not necessary you save this file by given name but use only this extension..

After some seconds saving this file, your Anti-Virus should come with the message that this file is infected with virus asking permission for its deletion/clean.

This file is secure and it is not going to any infect in your system.

If your antivirus remove this file then it is doing work properly otherwise you update your antivirus.

Google Chrome Tricks-1


According to my promise,I have come with my Google Chrome Post. Chrome is the product of the Google which that Famous with time after his launching.It can not wrong in say, Chrome speed is better compair to Mozila Firefox but in features Mozila can not have beat by any one.So come on our topic,Some good tricks for Chrome User given below which make it to simple and faster in use.

1. Control + Shift + N : Opens the famous “incognito” windows. Thanks to it you will be able to surf without leaving any footprint on your PC (cookes, history etc.).

2. You can also open a website in an “incognito” window by right-clicking on a link and selecting: Open link in incognito window.

3. Alt + Home : Loads your Google Chrome home page along with thumbnails of your most visited sites.

4. Control + T : Opens a new Tab.

5. Control + Shift + T : Opens your most recently closed tab. Press this key combination again to open the tab closed before the one you just opened.

6. Control + 1, Control + 2, Control + 3, etc. : Lets you jump to different tabs.

7. Control + Tabs : Lets you open tabs in order.

8. As in Fireofx 3, you can drag a link onto a tab to it , or drop it between two tabs to open a new tab.

9. Control +B : Hides or shows the bookmark’s bar.

10. Control + H : Opens the History page.

11. Control + J : Opens the download page.

12. To delete an item from the download page, right-click on the selected item and click Remove.

13. Right-click the top of the browser window, select Task manager to find out how much memory tabs and plug-ins are taking from your computer to work. Select one of them and click End process to stop it running.

14. About:plugins (write it in the address bar): Lets you see what plug-in you are using.

15. About:crash (write it in the address bar): Lets you see what a crashed tab looks like.

16. To know more information about Google Chrome you can also type in the address bar the following commands: about:stats, about:network, about:histograms, about:memory, about:cache, about:dns, about:internets.

17. To delete all of your data stored into Google Chrome: click the Tools icon and select Clear browsing data…

18. Shift + Escape: Lets you bring up the Google Chrome Task manager.

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