How To Hack School Wi-Fi Router


My this post helpful for you on hacking your school wi-fi router.Basically this thread write for Newbie so if you works on Intermediate level of hacking so it is not for you.

So friend by hack your school router,you change all the settings and also restrict the other person by internet. You also trace the Request of your friends which send to server by him.

First open your Command Prompt or CMD. Going to RUN and write CMD and then press RUN button,when you did it a black window open like below pic.Here write command "IPCONFIG" see below pic..

When you press ENTER Key after write IPCONFIG ,you found your IP address also Default Gateway.

In my case i had found IP and Default Gateway  see below pic...

This Default Gateway is the address of your School Wi-Fi Router Admin Page ,so Open your Web Browser and write the Default Gateway address on the Web Browser address Bar.When have you done it then a page open which want Username  Password ,see below pic...

Mostly School and Collage Wi-Fi not Secure, a Router come with username and default password means mostly router have Username is "admin" and no any Password. And your Faculty never change it so you use below write Username and password combination for access the admin page...

Username:Password Combinations:


 In my case,I am use D-Link Wireless N Router in which Username is "admin" and no any password by factory side,So i am write only admin and press Login,see above pic.

When all thing going on according write in upper part of this post then you see Router Admin Page like below pic...

Now going to "Tools" and then "Admin" and change Username and password ,it never want old save information. See below pic...

I think my this post helpful for Newbie.If you like my Website so plz Follow my Site.

Enjoy Hacking!!!!

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