Helpful Tool For Website Hacking


Today i am given you some tool who very helpful for you in the Website Hacking, Today Winrar file collection of four tool which make your website hacking easy, so first start with intro.

Login Page Finder:

By this tool you easily found the website Admin Login Page by which after found ADMIN Name and Password you easily enter in the website Control Panel. 

Blind SQLi Dumper:

This tool use for Blind SQL Injection attack, I will tell you about Blind SQL in future post but this tool really helpful for you.

Cpanel BruteForcer :

This tool is works on the Dictionary Brute Force attacks , and also it's very helpful for me and now for you.

Exploit Scanner:

This tool tell you about Exploit link of any website by which you take profit about vulnerable page of the website , its tell you website name according to your demand.



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