Use Crypter in place of Binder for make your Keylogger Undetectable

The main purpose of a Binder is...

Binder is a software basically used for combine the two or more files in one
 file under only one name and extension.

You makes your Keylogger and want send it to your victim but his Antivirus detect the Keylogger which bind with other file and remove it.I think this problem come in front of everyone so how to solve it?

I am used a Crypter in place of Binder,what is the means of Crypter?

It is a software that can encrypt executable (.exe) files. crypters are popularly used to encrypt viruses, RAT’s, keyloggers, spywares etc. to make them undetectable from antivirus.

Crypter use the original binary code of .exe file and apply many encryption on them and The End Of File(EOF) a new Executable file created which not detected by Antivirus.

Mainly when a new Crypter launch in market and it's also free so its detect by antivirus making company and it make program against it,So every Crypter out dated after some time.

Here i am given you Chrome Crypter v2 which work for me without any problem.So download it.

Password of zip file is ""


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for it,like it.

  1. Mohammad Ashf said...:

    Very nice,and thanks for sheared .

  1. Edum said...:

    Moonwalkhacker cant download. sharecash .. so its nt free :)


  1. Anonymous said...:

    RDG Tejon Crypter

  1. Johny said...:

    It's nowadays hard to find an undetectable / FUD crypter.

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