Kill TCP Session in Linux


Hello friend , after some time i am again come with new thread. In this time, i am busy with my Project so sorry for wait. Today post topic based on killing TCP session in Linux. You can use this trick with any Linux Version OS , here i am use backtrack for showing you.

Step 1: First open your Linux Terminal , now i am going to install "ngrep" application for killing session. For install ngrep run below write command:

sudo apt-get install -y ngrep

see below pic...

Because i have already install it, so it's done fast but your system take sometime.

Step 2: Now i have open my Facebook ID for show you my Facebook TCP Session works good and it's open good and in smooth way...

Step 3: Now i am going to Kill TCP session of Facebook Website , so for kill session run below command.

ngrep -q -d any '' -k 10

See below pic for running command, now your Facebook TCP Session start killing.

Step 4: For check TCP Session Killing start or not ? , i am going to my FaceBook Profile Page which shown by me in step 2 and then click there Hackarde link , when i done it page start reload and reload end with message "The Connection was reset" which means your Linux Start Killing of Facebook TCP Session, see below pic for example...

Step 5: Now take one more example, here i am open my Site , see below pic...

My site open without any problem because i am only Kill FaceBook TCP Session , see below pic..

Step 6: Now i am going to kill my website TCP session by run command,

ngrep -q -d any '' -k 10

See below pic...

Step 7: Now when i am again open my website then it's show message like old Facebook page, see below pic..

But Now my Facebook Profile again open...

I hope u like my this post, Enjoy!!

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