China Replace America In Field Of Super Computer


In China a research lab has made the fastest supercomputer in the world. With this, it has been able to replace US in having the hold on this segment of technology.
China is trying to realize its dream of becoming the best in hi-tech, US has asked it to control its demand in rare earth elements. These elements are used in many a high-technology applications and have been in great demand by China.
China has been flexing its muscles for the last few months and has attracted attention especially from US.
The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is expected to talk to the Chinese leaders about the issue. She is likely to raise the point of serious decrease of the rare earth elements and may ask China to control its hunger.
A press release from the Clinton’s offices has said that the rare earth elements are critical to industrial production in US and Japan.
The Chinese office has refused to bargain on the same issue.

Data Execution Prevention-Security Feature of Windows


Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats by monitoring your programs to make sure they use system memory safely.

If you choose to protect all programs, you can still turn off DEP for individual programs.

If you suspect that a program does not run correctly when DEP is turned on, check for a DEP-compatible version of the program or an update from the software publisher

before you change any DEP settings.

  1. Click to open System.(Where your system information given)

  2. Click Advanced System Settings.

    Administrator permission required If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation,

    type the password or provide confirmation.

  3. Under Performance, click Settings.

  4. Click the Data Execution Prevention tab, and then click Turn on DEP for

    all programs and services except those I select.

Gmail Power Tips-Keyboard Shortcuts For Gmail


Gmail world number one Electronic Mail Service provider.

The Keyboard Shortcut available within Gmail are,without any doubt,the quickest route to speedy productivity within the application.

First go to settings(in right upper corner) and open the settings page, go to keyboard shortcut and check it, after it save the change................

After save change reload the gmail page, and use the table shortcut.....................

Shortcut KeyDefinitionAction
cComposeAllows you to compose a new message. + c allows you to compose a message in a new window.
/SearchPuts your cursor in the search box.
kMove to newer conversationOpens or moves your cursor to a more recent conversation. You can hit to expand a conversation.
jMove to older conversationOpens or moves your cursor to the next oldest conversation. You can hit to expand a conversation.
nNext messageMoves your cursor to the next message. You can hit to expand or collapse a message. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
pPrevious messageMoves your cursor to the previous message. You can hit to expand or collapse a message. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
o or OpenOpens your conversation. Also expands or collapses a message if you are in 'Conversation View.'
uReturn to conversation listRefreshes your page and returns you to the inbox, or list of conversations.
eArchiveArchive your conversation from any view.
mMuteArchives the conversation, and all future messages skip the Inbox unless sent or cc'd directly to you. Learn more.
xSelect conversationAutomatically checks and selects a conversation so that you can archive, apply a label, or choose an action from the drop-down menu to apply to that conversation.
sStar a message or conversationAdds or removes a star to a message or conversation. Stars allow you to give a message or conversation a special status.
+Mark as importantHelps Gmail learn what's important to you by marking misclassified messages. (Specific to Priority Inbox)
-Mark as unimportantHelps Gmail learn what's not important to you by marking misclassified messages. (Specific to Priority Inbox)
!Report spamMarks a message as spam and removes it from your conversation list.
rReplyReplies to the message sender. + r allows you to reply to a message in a new window. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
aReply allReplies to all message recipients. +a allows you to reply to all message recipients in a new window. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
fForwardForwards a message. + f allows you to forward a message in a new window. (Only applicable in 'Conversation View.')
Escape from input fieldRemoves the cursor from your current input field.

+ s

Save draft

Saves the current text as a draft when composing a message. Hold the key while pressing s and make sure your cursor is in one of the text fields -- either the composition pane, or any of the To, CC, BCC, or Subject fields -- when using this shortcut.



Moves the conversation to Trash.



Opens the Labels menu to label a conversation.


Move to

Moves the conversation from the inbox to a different label, Spam or Trash.

+ iMark as readMarks your message as 'read' and skip to the next message.
+ uMark as unreadMarks your message as 'unread' so you can go back to it later.
[Archive and previousArchives your conversation and moves to the previous one.
]Archive and nextArchives your conversation and moves to the next one.
zUndoUndoes your previous action, if possible (works for actions with an 'undo' link).
+ nUpdate current conversationUpdates your current conversation when there are new messages.
qMove cursor to chat searchMoves your cursor directly to the chat search box.
yRemove from Current View*
Automatically removes the message or conversation from your current view.
  • From 'Inbox,' 'y' means Archive
  • From 'Starred,' 'y' means Unstar
  • From 'Trash,' 'y' means Move to inbox
  • From any label, 'y' means Remove the label
* 'y' has no effect if you're in 'Spam,' 'Sent,' or 'All Mail.'
.Show more actionsDisplays the 'More Actions' drop-down menu.
+ Opens options in Chat
  • + moves from edit field in your chat window to select the 'Video and more' menu
  • Next, press to select the emoticon menu
  • Press to open the selected menu
?Show keyboard shortcuts helpDisplays the keyboard shortcuts help menu within any page you're on.

Move up a contact

Moves your cursor up in your contact list


Move down a contact

Moves your cursor down in your contact list

o or


Opens the contact with the cursor next to it.


Return to contact list view

Refreshes your page and returns you to the contact list.


Remove from Current Group

Removes selected contacts from the group currently being displayed.


Select contact

Checks and selects a contact so that you can change group membership or choose an action from the drop-down menu to apply to the contact.

Escape from input field

Removes the cursor from the current input



Deletes a contact permanently


Group membership

Opens the groups button to group contacts



Reverses your previous action, if possible (works for actions with an 'undo' link)


Show more actions

Opens the "More actions" drop-down menu.

Combo-keys - Use the following combinations of keys to navigate through Gmail.

Shortcut KeyDefinitionAction
then Send messageAfter composing your message, use this combination to send it automatically. (Supported in Internet Explorer and Firefox, on Windows.)
y then oArchive and nextArchives your conversation and moves to the next one.
g then aGo to 'All Mail'Takes you to 'All Mail,' the storage site for all mail you've ever sent or received (and have not deleted).
g then sGo to 'Starred'Takes you to all conversations you have starred.
g then cGo to 'Contacts'Takes you to your Contacts list.
g then dGo to 'Drafts'Takes you to all drafts you have saved.
g then lGo to 'Label'Takes you to the search box with the "label:" operator filled in for you.
g then iGo to 'Inbox'Returns you to the inbox.
g then tGo to 'Sent Mail'Takes you to all mail you've sent.
* then aSelect allSelects all mail.
* then nSelect noneDeselects all mail.
* then rSelect readSelects all mail you've read.
* then uSelect unreadSelects all unread mail.
* then sSelect starredSelects all starred mail.
* then tSelect unstarredSelects all unstarred mail.

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* i m inform you that do not take it with any hacking work,The purpose of blog is to increase viewer knowledge.Thanks!



Hello! friend after a long period I am again come with new G00GLE Magic Tricks.

So start it........................First going on G00GLE Search page .......

And type ...........


And then click on........

I'm Feeling Lucky

After process a new G00GLE page come............................then move your mouse and see magic like ............



* i m inform you that do not take it with any hacking work,The purpose of blog is to increase viewer knowledge.Thanks!

How to increase your internet speed? Method-1


Hello friend I am again come with some new tricks for you which that more simple in doing but more effective after done.

I see our some friend which suffer from the problem of internet speed, In market some new hardware come which given the fastest speed but it is very costly so every person do not buy.

So how to increase our internet speed without use any extra hardware?

My new post given the solution of your problem by which you have increase your internet speed up to 20% .

Do the following given step in your system.........

start >> Run >> and then type 'gpedit.msc' >> ENTER Key

You have see a new window in which given a line

computer configuration >> Double click on them

>> Administrator Templates >> Double click

>> Network >> Double click

>> QoS Packet Schedule >> Double click

You see.........

>> Limit Reservable Bandwith >> Double click

Modify that and set it to DISABLED 'or' you can put it to ENABLED and change the value to 0.


*This blog only write for increase viewer knowledge so do not take it with any wrong thing.Thanks!

How to Change any system login password?


Hiiiiiiii friend I am again present in front of you with new intreseting Topic so I think you are ready to new adventure...............

How to HACK and CHANGE our collage and friend PC login password?

Ever wanted  to hack our collage and friend PC password So this post help you......

When your friend work on his computer go to and say to want something then your friend go to for complete your request ,our  work start........

GO to RUN option in PC and type cmd for open the command prompt and click on OK button.When you click on OK button then a window open like given window  

Type the given line on the prompt screen writ below..

                                         net user

And Click  on the ENTER Key , you see some write line on the screen in which some word like

Administrator ,guest and below of Administrator a name which is the PC name ,I m emagine a PC name for your confart is 'ajai'.

Again write on the prompt given line below.....

                                        net user ajai *

Again I am inform you ajai is a PC name take as a example.After write ajai given space and write *

After all work Click on the ENTER Key,you see a new line .......

                                           Type a password for user_

When you type new password then password invisible on screen but it type in real. 

Type the new password and Click on ENTER key,you see a new line ........

                                            Retype the password to confirm_

Then again type the new password and click on ENTER Key.

A message come on screen say........

                                           THE command completed successfully.

Congrates! you have changed your friend PC password successfully.

For see LOG OFF  and type new password.


                                                                                Post by-AJAI SINGH

*i am inform you that this block write only for enhance the viewer knowledge against the HACKING,Do not take it with HACKING,HACKING is a crime. THANKS!



Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Dear Friend,I am come again with our new post.....................

Now I am introduce you to new 'MAGIC' with 'google search engine' ,So I think you have more excited to know next magic.

How to invisible the vocal 'OO' in the name of google see in top picture.......

First go to the mozila firefox URL line (search line) and type given line.........

And after write it click on the search (enter key).

After searching you have found a new google search page which that totaly different in see of original search page.

After it,use your mouse and doing fastly DOUBLE CLICK on the page .....................


After see for coming in back form plz again double click on the page.


*I m again inform u that do not take it with hacking,my only purpose to make u friendly with google ,Always remember hacking is a crime.



hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i m ajai singh,today i m going to
introduse you with the magic of google. Here i m tell you that how to make our own search engine like google................

I m inform you that it is only for fun do not take it with any hacking activites Thanks!

So plzzzzzzzz first open your new tab in parallel to my blog page and open a new google search page.

Type in google search space given line

after searching a new page open in which write .............
Enter Your Name==>

after enter your name click on the
create my search page

ten tena ! you have make your own search engine.


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