How to install google chrome in Backtrack ?

Hello friend now Ajai come again with new tutorial on backtrack. I am very happy because my Backtrack Tutorial series like by many viewer and also found a lot of mail about query on backtrack. Now come on our thread without spend time. Thread tittle show everything about tutorial. 

1. First open your Backtrack terminal and run command "apt-get install chromium-browser " for download and install browser , see below picture...

2. For switch to chrome directory run command " cd  /usr/lib/chrome-browser " , see below pic for live example...

Now run command " ls " for see the file and directories of chrome, see below pic...

3. If you run chrome then it given error , so now i am going to fix error by use of hexedit. For run hexedit run command " hexedit chrome-browser " , see below pic for live example.... 

When hexedit run then terminal look like below pic and a cursor blink over 7 , like below pic...

4. After step 3 now press "TAB Key" for move cursor 7 to . like below pic...

5. Now next work is searching so press "ctrl + S" when you had done it then a search box open like below pic...

Now search " geteuid " by type in search box , and press ENTER Key for forward process, see below pic..

6. See below picture you got geteuid , Now select whole word by ctrl and mouse left key and change geteuid into " getppid "  like below pic... 

7. If you done step 7 successfully that means you fixed error , now leave there and run chrome by command " ./chromium-browser "  , like below picture...

Now your Chrome browser run successfully, see pic...

You can also get it by going to Application>>>Internet , see below pic...

I hope you like my this enjoy!!!!!!

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  1. sgm said...:

    can u tell me, how to connect nokia phone via usb cable in backtrack to connect to internet

  1. ajai singh said...:

    Hello sgm,

    this one new for me, i did tried with ethernet cable, wireless router and USB modem. thanks for ask i shall try it.

  1. Rajat Mayukh said...:

    nic hann..:)thanxxx

  1. buddy said...:

    hey , in Bt 5 , Open code should be in

    cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser

    and thanks for the post HrDe <3

  1. Shining White said...:

    Hey HRDE , Hows Going , Not Seen you long time , Hope going good , but why not your blog is updating ?

    and this post helpful to me also :D <

    See ya my brother <3

  1. Sunny Prasanna said...:

    Can u tell me how to use tata photon modem on BT5??

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