Use Your Pen Drive as RAM


Today i am tell about a trick by which you use your Pen Drive as a RAM and increase your system RAM successfully. Two different trick for different version of Windows. My first trick for Windows Vista and 7 and second trick for Windows Xp and below version.

So let's start.


This trick work for Windows 7 and Vista by which you use your Pen Drive as a RAM(Random Access Memory).

1. Insert your Pen Drive in system and go to property of Pen Drive by Right Click of Mouse.

2. Property Window open like below pic. Here click on "ReadyBoost Tab" and then you see radio button in which write "Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost". I am show it red color box in below pic...

3. Set your MB memory according to your requirement,and Press OK. All important work show in above picture.


This trick work in Windows Xp and below version but here i am use a Software which name is "ebooster" by which you change your Pen Drive space into RAM.

For Download Software Click HERE

1. When you download this software then you found a WinRAR file then extract it and Install software.

2. After Installation go to START and open "ebooster" then you see window like given below pic...

3. First select your Pen Drive in "Select Memory" option and then set require memory in MB then press OK.

I think it very helpful for you if you want use HARD DRIVE as a RAM then READ my old post...

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Find and Remove Carrier IQ from your Android Device


We are use Carrier IQ for performance monitoring of the Smartphones means it is a service software by which your Smartphone secure but some researcher think it might be Key-logger or root kit by which your smartphone may be under risk.

Carrier IQ makes a new software that may be looging your every move of your Smartphone.

So if you want to check or if want this Keylogger removes from your Android Device then you can use LOGGING CHECKER developed by Trevor Eckhart.

This application help you to check logging activity which going in your mobile and also know where the logging data is going to.

This is a key for unlocking pro cleanup and removal features of logging test application.This is ONLY a license file, and must be installed after the main application is. Root is required because it will also install proper binaries required to system if they dont exist. You may uninistall this app completely 15 minutes after you activate your license.

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