Remove Malicious BHO's from your system


SpyBHORemover (formerly BHORemover) is the advanced tool to explore and remove Malicious BHO's from your system. 

BHO stands for 'Browser Helper Objects' which are plugins written for 'Internet Explorer' to enhance its capabilities. Often this feature is being misused by many spyware programs to monitor user's browsing habits and to steal the users credentials silently. Also some of the BHO's slow down the system considerably.
SpyBHORemover helps in quick identification and removal of such spy BHO's present in the system. It not only performs heuristic based threat analysis but also provides Online Threat Verification mechanism which makes it easy to differentiate between legitimate and malicious BHOs. 

It also presents 'Backup & Restore' feature which makes it easy to remove and re-install the BHO any number of times. Users no longer have to worry about accidental removal of BHO as all removed BHOs are automatically backed up which can then be restored from 'Removed BHO List'. It also comes with a unique feature to completely enable/disable all installed BHOs at one shot.

It works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows XP to latest operating system, Windows 7.

Here are the highlights of some of the salient features of SpyBHORemover which makes it special.
Automatically scan & analyze all installed and previously removed BHOs instantly.

'Advanced Threat Analysis' for each installed BHO using the built-in heuristic mechanism.

Color based threat representation for quick identification and separation of BHOs based on various threat levels.

New 'Backup & Restore' feature enables user to remove and re-install BHO as many times without any worries.

Shows all running processes having the selected BHO DLL and provides option to Kill the process or Remove the DLL from such process.

Unique feature to completely enable/disable ALL installed BHOs for the current user at one shot.

'Online Threat Verification' of malicious BHO using any of the following popular online portals.

VirusTotal (
ThreatExpert (
ProcessLibrary (

One click BHO removal option to remove the selected BHO instantly.

ight click menu option for all the lists for quickly execution desired action.

View detailed properties of selected BHO DLL through double click or right click menu options.

Quickly jump to corresponding BHO location in Registry using Regedit tool for selected BHO.

Export the complete BHO scan report along with threat analysis information to standard HTML format for offline analysis.

Displays detailed information for each installed BHO

BHO Class Name
Threat Analysis Information
Product Name
Install Date
CLSID of the BHO
BHO File Path

Enriched GUI interface with user friendly options and cool buttons.

Sort feature to arrange the displayed BHO's based on various parameters such as BHO name/threat level/company/product name/date/clsid/dll path.

Does not require any installation as it is standalone portable tool and can be run directly on any system

For Download this Tool and More Info Click Here

Remove Google Redirect Virus from your system


If your Google search result redirect to any weird,obnoxious or otherwise any porn site that means your system infected with GRV means Google Redirect Virus.GRV is a Trojen 

It does not matter with which link you click or which browser use by you.

Somebody thought this is the problem of Google but in reality it is add with your system,so in your mind a question come how to remove it.Here i am going tell you how to remove GRV from your system.

First Download TDSKiller ,do not worry it is a Kaspersky Lab Tool and download direct from Kaspersky site.

After download open it,it look like below pic...

Click on Start Scan and after scan you see result like below pic,Here you found option Skip or Delete for infected program.

After Delete the infected program please Reboot your system.

If your TDS Tool fail in removing the infected file then in that case use the TDS FixTool , you also download this file from download run it,you see box like below pic,Proceed it.

When you Proceed then it restart your system and after that doing scan like below pic...

And last shown the result like below pic....

Use Crypter in place of Binder for make your Keylogger Undetectable


The main purpose of a Binder is...

Binder is a software basically used for combine the two or more files in one
 file under only one name and extension.

You makes your Keylogger and want send it to your victim but his Antivirus detect the Keylogger which bind with other file and remove it.I think this problem come in front of everyone so how to solve it?

I am used a Crypter in place of Binder,what is the means of Crypter?

It is a software that can encrypt executable (.exe) files. crypters are popularly used to encrypt viruses, RAT’s, keyloggers, spywares etc. to make them undetectable from antivirus.

Crypter use the original binary code of .exe file and apply many encryption on them and The End Of File(EOF) a new Executable file created which not detected by Antivirus.

Mainly when a new Crypter launch in market and it's also free so its detect by antivirus making company and it make program against it,So every Crypter out dated after some time.

Here i am given you Chrome Crypter v2 which work for me without any problem.So download it.

Password of zip file is ""

Bind a File with Your MP3 Music File


1. Choose 'container' mp3 by clicking 'Select source mp3' button
- You may check maximum hidden data size that previously selected mp3 can handle 
by clicking 'Max. Hidden Size'
- You may check selected mp3 info by clicking 'Get mp3 info'
2. Choose a file you want to hide by clicking 'Select Hidden File'
- You may check file size after encryption and compression by clicking 'Size after 
3. Type your password in the provided textbox. Do not forget this password since this 
application have no input for confirmation password.

4. Click 'Hide It!' to begin hiding data. Please be patient since the algorithm is not
optimized, so, the application maybe look not responding.
5. For example, if your source mp3 is 'one.mp3', the stegged-mp3 result will have file
name 'one.mp3-steg.mp3' located in the same folder as 'one.mp3'

==============To reveal/get hidden file inside mp3===========
1. type your password in the textbox provided. Wrong password will cause damaged
result file.
2. Choose stegged-mp3 file by clicking 'Select Stegged-mp3'.
3. Click 'Reveal!' to begin revealing hidden file.
4. For example, if your stegged-mp3 file is 'one.mp3-steg.mp3' and you hidden data is
'.jpg' file, result file will have file name 'one.mp3-steg.mp3.jpg' located in the same
folder as 'one.mp3-steg.mp3'.

Hack Facebook Account by Emissary


My this post help you hack your Victim Facebook Account ID & password like my old post on Gmail account hack .

Before start first confirm that in your system .Net Framework are Installed or not,if not so download it.

Run ‘Emissary.exe’ file and enter your gmail account details,  so that the password and other info of your victim can be mailed to you.I am given advice you use a fake Gmail Account for this.

In Server Name write the server.exe and set interval according to you.

In Fake Error Message write Error Tittle and also Message, because it's display when Victim click on Malicious File.

You also change some settings like...

Block AV Sites: Blocks for the VirusScanning Websites on target computer
Add to Startup: Adds to Startup via Registry
Antis: Anubis, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Keyscrambler, Malwarebytes, NOD32, Norman, Ollydbg, Outpost, Wireshark
Disable TaskManager: Disable TaskManager on target PC
Disable Regedit: Disable’s  the Regedit on target PC.

And Last click on Build Button when you do it then a file build in same folder,send this file to victim.
Because this is a free keylogger, you can’t send server.exe file via email. Almost all email domains have security policy which does not allow sending .exe files. So to do this you need to compress the file with WinRar or upload it to Free File Storage Domains, like Mediafire, rapidshare, filethief etc.

Once the victim runs your sent keylogger file on his computer, it searches for all the stored usernames and passwords and it will send you email containing all keylogs and screenshots regularly after the specified ‘Time interval’.

Create Your Own Virtual Private Network


My today post help you make your own Virtual Private Network (VPN) by which you share your Files,Music and Video and also play the Online Game. 

We uses the HAMACHI who help us make the server and also add the client of your VPN.So first Download the HAMACHI...

So after download and installation of Hamachi follow the below step....

Your Hamachi login window like below pic,click on Power On button like below pic...

When you done Power On then a window Pop-Up like below pic,here write your name and click on Create.

Hamachi show you,your address with name like below pic,Here click on Create a new Network like me...

Again a new window Pop-Up which ask Network ID and Password fill both according to you,but always mind it...

After some seconds your VPN ready like below pic...

Call to your friend and say open his Hamachi and click on Network like below pic and also in under Network click on  Join a Existing Network, when he done it then a window pop-up on his screen like below pic...

Tell the Network ID and Password of your VPN to your friend and when it enter like below pic,then say him click on Join button. 

When your friend done it then you and your friend connect with a VPN on Internet ,you also connect multiple friend on your VPN by this trick.


If you like this post so plz given your good comment below.

Your favourite blog with New Domain name


Today,i am very happy because i am going share some important information with you.Your favourite and beloved blog change into successfully.

Ya i know,i know 1 year was a long distance but i want given some good gift on this new year to you in foam of new domain name of your beloved Blog.I thought that you are also happy like me.

But you want know why i am change my Subdomain into a .COM domain,i am going tell you what is the profit of the Domain name.

Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. Just as a good location is vital for a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name will be the corner stone of your website’s success.

1. They Are Short

   A good domain name make your website name shorter and smarter in look compare to a big subdomain name.For example  look very long and very difficult in remember it where look short smarter and very easy in mind.Many Internet users do not use bookmarks. They just memorize the domains of their favorite websites and type them whenever they wan to visit one. Guess what, if your domain is complex and not easy to remember you will lose these visitors along the way.

2. They Are Easy To Spell

    The last thing you want is visitors misspelling your domain and ending up somewhere else.
Avoid unusual foreign words, words that have complex pronunciation, strange combinations of letters and anything else that might cause someone to misspell your address.

3. They Have a .COM Extension

    Organizations might prefer to register a .org domain, and companies targeting very specific geographical regions might want to register a local domain (e.g. .it,, .cn and so on). Apart from these cases, however, a .com domain is always the best way to go. This extension is the most popular around the around, and it is already stuck in people’s mind.
Visitors coming to your site via search engines or organic links will pay attention mostly to the name and not to the URL. The next time they want to visit your site it is very likely that they will just type its name followed by a .com. Guess what, if you are not there when they hit enter they will just go somewhere else.

4. They Are Descriptive 

    Many visitors will come to your site through the search engines and via direct links on other websites. That is, they will come if the domain that they will see will be appealing.
Having a descriptive domain name will give visitors an idea of what your site is about even before they enter it. If related keywords are present in the domain it might also help your search engine rankings.

5. Brandable 

    A brandable domain will have a nice pronunciation, an interesting combination of letters or simply an appealing visual effect. Sometimes they will not be descriptive, but they can be equally efficient.
Brandable domains will make your visitors associate the name with your website and its content. (Notice that brandable domains can be descriptive at the same time, but that is not always the case.)


Do not get discouraged if your current domain doesn’t have all these characteristics; or if you can’t find one that does. These are just factors that you should consider when evaluating domain names.
There are plenty of examples of popular websites with domain names that lack in one or two points covered on the list. Just make sure that your domain has most of the characteristics and you should be fine.

And in last of this post i want given thanks to my friend PANKAJ JAISWAL who given me a good suggestion and also help me many times.

Make Encrypted Folders Others Can’t View it on your Hard Disk


Click the Create Volume button to build that container we were talking about.

When you did it,then you see below pic window click on next.

Click on Standard nd again Next.

Set Volume location by Click on "Select File"...

Make new volume like below pic...

Set Your Encryption Algo like below pic...

Set Volume size,wht u want....

Write volume password...

Set volume format and take a rest...

Message come like below pic...

Volume create click on Exit.


Click on Container which you select first time.

click on "SELECT FILE" like below pic...

Open your make volume...

Main work here,click on Mount...

Enter your password..

Your volume open like below pic...

Go and use it..

For again Encrypt and hidden click on "DisMount".

Hack Wi-Fi Password


Today post help you find and decrypt the Wi-Fi password by which you access the Wi-Fi without any restriction.

I am write this post on Demand of Pankaj Pandey who is the my blog viewer and say in his comment on my post Brute-Force-Attacks that he want decrypt the Wi-Fi password,so i am come with suggestion in foam of this hacking trick.

First Download Cain & Abel 

Open the Software and their you see in left side "Wireless Password" like below picture.Click on the Wireless Password and after that click on "+" top of the head like below pic...

You found the Wi-Fi name with password like below pic....

Free Call 100%


If this Trick work in Your Country then say thanks to d4rk-blu™®.

1. Download the latest Yahoo Messanger.

2.Type the Following Number +18003733411 in the Red Box Shown Below and Press Enter.

3.After Pressing Enter a small Window will open showing Connecting a Call to that number . Shown Below

4. Now Listen the Call And Wait Untill She Say "Free Calls" .

5. When she Says Free Calls Use Your Microphone and Say Free Calls (Don't forgot to unmute your microphone Voice in Volume Properties By Right Click on Volume Icon in your Task Bar and then click on properties and then Advanced and then unclick mute button under Microphone).

6. Now Click on the Dialpad As Shown Below To dial the Number.

7. Now The Dial Pad Opens Like Below

8.Now Dial The Number In format Country code followed by friends number whom you want to call.
Example : 919457196088 where 91 is country code for India and 9457196088 is phone number.

After dialing wait 2 sec for phone call to connect . After that You can call Upto 5 minutes.

Lets Secretly Read Facebook At Work-Change FB in Excel


This post very helpful for those person who like online on Facebook but Work in the office and Boss create problem.

My this post help you change Your Facebook Update in Excel Format my which without open full Facebook page you always add with it.

So First Click Here 

When you click on the link then a page open like below pic,in this page click on Red Mark Option which shown in below pic...

A window Pop-Up which say Login ON your FB account,login the account then you see below page,Click on "ALLOW"....

After some second your FB update come in EXCEL Format like below pic,Load button after some minute and found new Update without login on Your Account but Remember after work done Sign out on Excel page.

I am doing it by My Hack FB account of other person,if you know him...Plz do not tell him.

All Password Unlocker


Appnimi Password Unlocker is a All-in-one free tool to recover password of different type of protected files including ZIP, RAR, PDF, XLS, XLSX etc. It supports both Dictionary and Brute-force password recovery techniques allowing user to recover easy as well as complex passwords.  
For ZIP and RAR type, after recovering the password it will extract the files to a destination folder. For other types it will keep the unlocked version to the destination folder.

New version v2.0 adds the 'Multi Session Password Recovery' support which allows you to pause the password recovery operation anytime and continue later on. You can also save & load the existing configuration without specifying it each time.  

It works on wide range of platforms starting from Windows 98 to latest operating system, Windows 7.

PasswordUnlocker is easy to use with its simple GUI interface even for beginners. 

Here are the brief usage details,
1.Run "Password Unlocker" after installation by clicking shortcut on your desktop.
2.Enter or select the path of the file whose password is to be recovered.
3.Enter the optional prefix or suffix parameters.
4.Enter the minimum and maximum length
5.Select Brute Force or Dictionary method
6.Enter the possible characters (Brute-Force) or path to dictionary/wordlist file (Dictionary method).
7.Click on Start to begin the password recovery operation.

During recovery operation, you will see the status of operation at each stage. More complicated the password, more the time will be taken.

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