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Some days before i am write a thread on Acunetix Tool,this tool helpful to check out Website Vulnerability so if we are say it is a Web Vulnerability Scanner that not wrong.This Tool very helpful for Hacker and his work because by this tool a hacker found simply the vulnerability of the website.

This post tell you how to use this tool ?

On request of Justin123 who are the my regular visitor,i am going to write this post.Justin123 say in his comment how to use this tool,so today thread tell Justin as well as you how to use this tool.

Step 1: Install Acunetix Scanner on your system and open it. You see a window like below picture...

Here first go to Web Vulnerbility Scanner and then Web Scanner like above picture and click.

Step 2: Here you enter your site URL with port 80 like below picture...

After enter the site name click on START button.

When you Press the START button then scanner start work and you see result like below picture...

Here you see the Level Of threat 'Medium' and in left of Level you see the Vulnerability of site after complete Scan.

I think this thread helpful for you,plz pass your comment.

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