How to Install Backtrack in System


I think you would know that all Hacker is the FAN of "Linux OS" So i am going to start a series of "Backtrack Linux" hacking tricks and add  new post in series time to time.I hopes u like my this series as like as all tricks.

BackTrack is relatively simple to install. We will run BackTrack by booting it as a Live DVD and then install it on the hard drive.

Perform the following instructions step-by-step:

 1.    Burn the BackTrack ISO (we are using the BackTrack 5 KDE 32-Bit edition) that you  have downloaded into a bootable DVD.

 2.    Boot the laptop with this DVD and select the option BackTrack Text – Default Boot Text Mode from the boot menu:

3.   If booting was successful then you should see the familiar BackTrack screen:

4.   You can boot into the graphical mode by entering startx on the command prompt.  Enjoy the boot music! Once you are in the GUI, your screen should resemble the following:

5.   Now click on the Install BackTrack icon to the top-left of the desktop. This will  launch the BackTrack installer as shown next:

 6.     This installer is similar to the GUI-based installers of most Linux systems and should  be simple to follow. Select the appropriate options in each screen and start the installation process. Once the installation is done, restart the machine as prompted, and remove the DVD.

 7.    Once the machine restarts, it will present you with a login screen. Type in the login as "root" and password as "toor". You should now be logged into your installed  version of BackTrack. Congratulations!

Immediately Hide Your Desktop Work By See Anyother


This is my favorite way of hiding things from others, and the great thing is that Virtual Desktop Managers can also be used to actually get some work done. Virtual Desktop Managers are programs that allow you to have multiple desktops within your own desktop, making it easier to work on separate projects.
For example, you could have games on one desktop, blogs on another, and whatever you’re working on on the third desktop. It’s really a handy way of organizing your desktop. The best thing about it is that you can use most Virtual Desktop Managers to hide your active windows from those prying eyes.

For You i m going to making 3 Desktop where 2 virtual and One Real.

When you open your VDM then it look like below pic,feel up like below pic...

Click "Next" and make new again ....

As well as Hackarde3....

When you click "Apply" and Ok then on desktop left side in bottom you see icon like below pic...

Click Right Key on them and select your Desktop.

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