How to Make Your own VPS free free


Today i am come with one more interesting Thread which about make your virtual machine of any Operating System and Application with out any Software and Virtual Machine Software and some good thing here it is totally free free.

Mission: Build a Windows 7 or any other farm in the cloud and collaborate with others to test, refine, and optimize the results.

Challenge: Quickly set up virtual environments in the cloud with secure access to applications, databases and files – while maintaining visibility and control of your environment and collaborating in real-time with team members and customers.

Solution: CloudShare ProPlus. It’s the ready-to-go cloud that lets you move enterprise applications to the cloud instantly and on demand - for development, testing, QA and migration. Plus it’s hassle free: no investment in servers or other hardware, no software licenses, no long application development cycles, no complex installations and no IT expertise of any kind required.

For this Click Here

When you click here you found a page like given below enter all blank space but remember you enter wrong Phone number and enter correct email address because for verification site send a link.

When you sign in account then your account look like below picture.Here click on 'create a new environment ' you see below....

It ask for verify,please verify it,after verification you see like below...

Here Choose you application according to your requirement. and click on 'Add this machine'.

After that you see new window like below click on 'Save and Continue to step 3'...

A processing start like given below picture...

When this process complete then you see a button 'view Machine' like above picture.

When you click it then a page open like given below...

Enjoy you free VPS.

It tutorial take mine 3 hour but a comment take only 1 minute,so please go down and enter your name and email id and submit your comment.

Socks 4/5 and HTTP Proxy


Today post tell you how you online anonymity.For it we are use the online Socks and http server.

First thing here what is Socks?

Socks is a internet routed protocol that makes easier for packets to be routed between the client and server via proxy server.
Server is a structured as a set of processes and that offer services to the users,called clients.
Socks help users to connect with server so it is come under routed protocol according to Networking.
Socks protocol has a designated port,but it is not limited to that port,it port number is 1080.
Socks helpful get you by the network firewall,usually with schools or office,it open browsing for you.

Set your Socks and HTTP proxy:

For set proxy you need two thing...

2: List of online Socks and http Proxy with port number
For SOCKS proxy list go here

Start your Mozilla browser and Go to 'TOOL' click them and choose 'OPTION' a window open like below picture.
Where go to 'Advance' and then 'Network' and Click on 'Settings' all path shown below picture.

When you click on 'Settings' then new window open like given below...

Here go to 'Manual proxy configuration'.

Go to website which link given above and copy SOCKS Host name and port and ENTER in the Window shown location and then press OK button.

Your Proxy set on SOCKS4/5(According to your choice).

Enjoy it !

Plz given your comment easily by only enter your name and Email id and submit it because your response encourage me for future.

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