China Replace America In Field Of Super Computer


In China a research lab has made the fastest supercomputer in the world. With this, it has been able to replace US in having the hold on this segment of technology.
China is trying to realize its dream of becoming the best in hi-tech, US has asked it to control its demand in rare earth elements. These elements are used in many a high-technology applications and have been in great demand by China.
China has been flexing its muscles for the last few months and has attracted attention especially from US.
The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is expected to talk to the Chinese leaders about the issue. She is likely to raise the point of serious decrease of the rare earth elements and may ask China to control its hunger.
A press release from the Clinton’s offices has said that the rare earth elements are critical to industrial production in US and Japan.
The Chinese office has refused to bargain on the same issue.

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