Secure FB Before Hacker Access You

Hello viewer again i am back on Facebook security issue because FB is the most fav website for all internet users since 2004,And it is also hot topic between all hacker how to hack it.Many time FB come into under attack of hacker,but FB staff handle it.
Some days before a Indian Hacker Abhinav Singh found a Vulnerable FB Application which name "Name Meaning" .

That under attack of cross site Scripting.Name Mining a interesting feature of FB who tell the meaning of name.
After remove it FB staff change and Enhance the Privacy of the FB which are helpful for you to secure yourself on Internet.

For Increase Privacy go to 'Account' which present on the right side of you in upper side of website.Here press the 'Privacy Settings' like given below...

When you done it you see a new window like given below where you change the settings according to your work and secure yourself.

Some interesting feature like 'Tag Review' where if your friend want tag you then it ask you...

Another feature 'Profile Review'...

And many more like given below...

*Some suggestion for you,if you want to use 3rd party application on FB like 'Name Meaning' then use HTTP in place of HTTPS,it secure you with 3rd party application.

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