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My this thread given you knowledge of HTTPS. HTTPS stands for 'Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure'. HTTPS combination of HTTP and SSL. For well knowledge i am explain it by divide into two part First HTTP and second SSL.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol):

http is a networking layer protocol that guide the transfer of Data between client and server.For example a browser to server and server to browser.Internet totally work on this protocol.

SSL ( Secure Socket Layer):

Secure Socket Layer is a service which provided by Web hosting company to a site on demand payment.SSL secure your request by encrypt and if i am say that it uses cryptography is not bad.It encrypt your request when you transfer to server and decrypt response by server. Many site like Facebook,Gmail,Twitter use this service. TLS is the enhance version of SSL. Some time before hacker hack the SSL 1.0 successfully by BEAST but not fear your Paypal and Gmail etc. secure because it use extreme version of SSL.

So when you use HTTPS service site then it encrypt your work on internet like ID name and Password.

But only few site provide this service.If you want you use HTTPS default so what are doing ?

I am going tell you,how you use HTTPS every time without any payment and secure your work.

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This trick work with only Mozila Firefox Web Browser So First Click HERE and download the Extension.A copy download Click on the download copy and Install it.

After Installation restart your Mozila Browser and you see a logo like below pic and right side upper corner.

Click on the Logo,a window open like below pic,here you set your own default settings.Some settings also set so do not take action.

After all them when you open your GOOGLE HOME PAGE then it open with HTTPS.

I am going show you some example.

When i am open with Google Chrome browser then it open without and restriction like below pic...

But same Site i am open with my Mozila Browser then it show Untrusted sign with HTTPS like below pic...

One more example when i am open my Hackarde Facebook Page With Chrome then it open simply like below pic...

But when i am open my Facebook page with Mozila it show you HTTPS Connection like below pic...

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