Update Windows OS without Internet

My today thread tell you how update all Windows Operating System without Internet connection.So follow my steps and done it successfully.

STEP 1: Go to Internet Cafe with your Pen Drive (PD) and Download AUTOPATCHER .After that Open it.

STEP 2: When you open the AUTO PATCHER it look like below pic.Here choose your version of OS you want update and click on next.

STEP 3: When you click next then it start download update like below pic...

STEP 4: After downloading then insert your PD in System and copy all the Download in your PD.

STEP 5: Come Home and Insert your PD in your system and Update your system successfully.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    How can I update my Win XP SP2 offline? I dont see any option to update it offline.

  1. ajai singh said...:

    hi suraj,
    When u use above tricks then successfully download the update.I think first try that software.

  1. bypasserako said...:

    nice share bro,tnx a lot,keep it coming: )

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I had downloaded all updated files of windows 7 ultimate service pack 1 . So pls tell me the process of updation properly as soon as possible .

  1. ajai singh said...:

    Hii Anon 6 Sept 2012 : 5:35;

    I think that u must follow thread step.

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