Remove Google Redirect Virus from your system

If your Google search result redirect to any weird,obnoxious or otherwise any porn site that means your system infected with GRV means Google Redirect Virus.GRV is a Trojen 

It does not matter with which link you click or which browser use by you.

Somebody thought this is the problem of Google but in reality it is add with your system,so in your mind a question come how to remove it.Here i am going tell you how to remove GRV from your system.

First Download TDSKiller ,do not worry it is a Kaspersky Lab Tool and download direct from Kaspersky site.

After download open it,it look like below pic...

Click on Start Scan and after scan you see result like below pic,Here you found option Skip or Delete for infected program.

After Delete the infected program please Reboot your system.

If your TDS Tool fail in removing the infected file then in that case use the TDS FixTool , you also download this file from download run it,you see box like below pic,Proceed it.

When you Proceed then it restart your system and after that doing scan like below pic...

And last shown the result like below pic....


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks buddy.i had tried and its work very well.

  1. Vinod Kashyap said...:

    it's too good,thanx for share.

  1. Anonymous786 said...:

    Tell u after try it,well thanks for share it.

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