How to Change any system login password?

Hiiiiiiii friend I am again present in front of you with new intreseting Topic so I think you are ready to new adventure...............

How to HACK and CHANGE our collage and friend PC login password?

Ever wanted  to hack our collage and friend PC password So this post help you......

When your friend work on his computer go to and say to want something then your friend go to for complete your request ,our  work start........

GO to RUN option in PC and type cmd for open the command prompt and click on OK button.When you click on OK button then a window open like given window  

Type the given line on the prompt screen writ below..

                                         net user

And Click  on the ENTER Key , you see some write line on the screen in which some word like

Administrator ,guest and below of Administrator a name which is the PC name ,I m emagine a PC name for your confart is 'ajai'.

Again write on the prompt given line below.....

                                        net user ajai *

Again I am inform you ajai is a PC name take as a example.After write ajai given space and write *

After all work Click on the ENTER Key,you see a new line .......

                                           Type a password for user_

When you type new password then password invisible on screen but it type in real. 

Type the new password and Click on ENTER key,you see a new line ........

                                            Retype the password to confirm_

Then again type the new password and click on ENTER Key.

A message come on screen say........

                                           THE command completed successfully.

Congrates! you have changed your friend PC password successfully.

For see LOG OFF  and type new password.


                                                                                Post by-AJAI SINGH

*i am inform you that this block write only for enhance the viewer knowledge against the HACKING,Do not take it with HACKING,HACKING is a crime. THANKS!


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