Settings Up Wireless Cards for access WEP & WPA in BackTrack 5

Now i am going to tell you how to settings up Wireless cards for access WEP & WPA in Backtrack 5 after it i am tell you how to connect your wireless cards to Access Point of  D-Link Wireless Router. For read how to setup Wireless Access Point Read my old post HERE

i am going to use ALFA Wireless Cards and belief on me it is too easier then setup Access point in Wireless Router so ready ? 

First work Plug the card on USB port of your PC or Laptop in which BackTrack installed.

Once you log in, open a console terminal and type in iwconfig. Your screen should  resemble as follows: 

 As you can see, wlan0 is the wireless interface created for the Alfa wireless card. Type in
ifconfig wlan0 up
to bring the interface up. Then type in ifconfig wlan0 to see the current state of the interface:

The MAC address 00:c0:ca:3e:bd:93 should match the MAC address written  under your Alfa card. BackTrack ships with all the required drivers for the Alfa card. Now your wireless card settings up.

Never Forgot read my upcoming post in which i will going to tell you how to connect Wireless Card to Access Point of Router.


  1. Sageoflife said...:

    really too simple nd short thanks for it.

  1. James Jorca said...:

    bro... i need some help..

    i bought this d-link DWA-125 usb.... and i cant find it on my backtrack... here's my email

    please help me...

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