Use Address Resolution Protocol By BackTrack

Now again a good Backtrack tutorial here. I want you read this tutorial carefully because i will used this tutorial on Future post.

Today i am telling you , how you can use  ARP  ( Address Resolution Protocol ) in backtrack. For this object i am going to use ARPING tool of Backtrack 5 R1. First thing here , what is ARP ?

 The Address Resolution Protocol is a request and reply protocol that runs encapsulated by the line protocol. It is communicated within the boundaries of a single network, never routed across internetwork nodes. 

Means if you know IP address of a device then by this you can know MAC (Physical Address) of that device and vice versa .

And what means of Never Routed across internetwork nodes

It's means that Non-Routable  works only on your LAN. by this only you know IP address and MAC address of  device in your LAN ( Local Area Network ) means this work on only Second layer of OSI layer.

For example: If i want to know my website MAC address (All person know never any type of MAC address present for Website ) then open my Backtrack Terminal and run command...

arping -c 4

Where my website name and here 4 is number of packet which i want to send website means it's any number like 2,3,6,5,.........

But when i am run this command then it shown me "0 packet received out of 4" which means it's not work on internet or inter-network. See below pic... 

Step 1: Now Go to Application >> Backtrack >> Information Gathering >> Network Analysis >> Identify Live Host >> arping  

Now open by click this arping tool , see below pic for full view...

Step 2: When you open arping tool then a new window open like below pic...

Step 3: Now i have Victim IP  by my this post.....

Now i want his System MAC address , so run command...

arping -c 4

And press Enter Key , when you done it then it's show you this IP address Mount on which MAC address. See below pic...

I am find MAC address of Device which run on my LAN is b8:a3:86:87:79:3d . Now Note out it.

Step 4: Now one day i wake up and want to know about IP address of my victim system and it will not possible use again this thread...

So no problem, only open arping like step 1 and run command with his note MAC address.

arping -c 4 b8:a3:86:87:79:3d

See below pic...

And you found his IP address by MAC address.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. kapil Sharma said...:

    Amazing Post like all old post, Thanks Sir for this.

  1. 3CrDKar said...:

    nice tutorial. Everything too elaborate by which a newbie try it without difficulty.

  1. Tim le said...:

    This trick come under a high quality work done.

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