Make Your Own Operating System In Some Minutes

Hello Friend, Now i am again come with a new interesting topic , today High Quality Post based on Operating System. No No !! i am not going tell you about a new OS. My today post tell you how to make your own Operating System, Plz read again because i think that you think what i said in back line .

You think a g8t knowledge necessary for read forward but i say noop (no) because this OS create by you without any knowledge and totally free. So why wait for Amazing work let's start.

Step 1: First Go to below write website.....

SUSE Studio

When you open this link then a page open like below pic, here click on "Sign In or Create an Account" , see below pic..

 Step 2: When you done step 1 then a window pop up like below pic, where some account given , now click on any account for open which one you have already exist to you , then enter your account Username and Password , do not fear that secure.

Step 3: When you done step 2 then he asking access information of your account then click allow for forward process , if you don't trust so use fake account here.

Step 4: Now Select your OS template , if pic not clear so right click on pic and open image in new tab.

Step 5: When you select the OS then it ask about your OS name, you change name according to you and click on software tab , see below picture...

Step 6: Here select software which you want on your OS, see below pic...

Step 7: now go to Configuration and Select General , here you see at below your Username "Root" and select Password according to you. I select "toor" as default Linux Password , see pic...

Step 8: Now click on Personalize and select your logo and Login window background , you can also upload your own logo and wallpaper, see below pic...

Step 9: Now last work , go to Build and select your OS format , and after that click "Build" , See below pic... 

Step 10: Now your OS start Build and when this Build Complete a download link come then you download you OS under 7 days.

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Enjoy your OS!!!!!!!


  1. Feker said...:

    Wonder post by a Amazing Author!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous006 said...:

    i am also agree with Feker, you are a awesome guys and your all thread awesome like you.Thanks for share amazing post here.

  1. Shining White said...:

    One Of the Greatest Blogger i seen is you ! ,
    btw your blog making me to do my own Blog :D
    Keep up the Cool works as always ,

  1. ajai singh said...:

    Hello Shining ,

    Thanks for encourage me by like my work.

    Thanks for come here.

  1. Kaner Ghoshp said...:

    Amazing , thanks for share I am going to try it.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It make me crazy , that goods!

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