Find Vulnerability in Joomla Website By BackTrack

Hello Friends , Hackarde again come with new tutorial which makes you sharp against the Cyber Crime world of Internet. Today thread helpful for that person who works as a Website Developer and works on Joomla website Development technology. This thread also helpful for that person who's that want safe his Joomla Website.

This thread help you find Vulnerability or loop hole or Weakness on your website by help of JoomScan tool of Backtrack 5 R1 & R2. This tool detect XSS/CSRF and SQL Injection like Vulnerability on your website.


Step 1: First open the Joomscan on Backtrack , So follow path :

BackTrack >>  Vulnerability Ass >> Web Ass >> CMS Vulnerability Iden >> joomscan

See below pic....

Step 2: When you done step 1 then a terminal window open like below pic, and say you "Press ENTER KEY to Continue" follow and click ENTER Key.

Step 3: When you press the ENTER Key then Terminal start for works, see below pic...

Step 4: For start Scan on Joomla Website run command according to below write structure :

 ./ -u <Target website Name>

For example i have write...

./ -u

where "-u" use for URL.Now after write command press ENTER Key for start scan.

See below pic... 

Step 5: After done Step 4 when you see terminal then a line come...

Fingerprinting in Progress...

Which means Scan on Target Website have start.

But When you see below line...

Fingerprinting done.

That means Scan complete and after that Discovered Vulnerability start show on the terminal screen , see below pic...

Scanning Time of Website by JoomScan Take time according to Website Size, so wait for some minute when Fingerprinting start.

Step 6 : Now see your Website Vulnerability on JoomScan Terminal and Remove it if Vulnerability show. See below pic...

If Vulnerability present then it's show you "Yes" or not then "NO" , watch below pic...

I have used website for example because it's totally vulnerable free website. 

So Guys Enjoy this thread and make your website safe and secure by Hacker attacks!!!!!!!!


  1. Feker said...:

    Once again a g8t thread, such a genius mind.

  1. Dewaker Singh said...:

    Thank Sir for share.

  1. Diplo Kid said...:

    Such a really wonderful tutorial, thank boss for share.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    how can i take a output file from this ?

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