Crack MD5 Hashes

Today i am going to show you a tool by which you easily decrypt the MD5 Encrypted Hashes. The name of the tool is PasswordPro.

This is a Winrar file so after download extract it when u going under the PasswordPro folder,there you see a PasswordPro.exe file ,run this file.After run this open your Notepad and write your MD5 Hash Code which you want to decrypt and save it on same folder of PasswordPro or any where,see below pic...

Now go to PasswordPro Running program and click on File when you do it then a tab open where you see a option given which called "Import" , see below pic...

Now select your save Notepad copy from the saving place.

when you did it then a window of Import Users open where select type of Hash which type of hash you use and enter format is salt. see below pic...

Now go to "Audit" and select the type of attacks, "Preliminary attacks" default set but here for my hash i am select "Brute Force attacks" , see below pic..

Now go to "Start Attacks" see above pic and run it, when your process run then it look like below pic...

Wait for some time your result come after full process.


  1. Qupin said...:

    Nice Tool!!!!!!!!!

  1. Sushil said...:

    That coolllll, it did break my Hash under 6 min thanks sir.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Can somebody crack this password . I tried MD5 but to no avail.I need to decrypt it.Help me out here.Send me the decrypted part at my mail id-

  1. Anonymous said...:

    can sumone help me wit this salted md5 7f6893ce984f4ac026411bdabe8f36c0...send result to
    please nd thank you!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    can some one help me with this

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