MAC Address Spoofing in BackTrack 5

Today, i am going to show you how to change your system MAC address or Hardware Address or Physical Address.

First you know about MAC address.  MAC address is your system physical address which provided by Vendor means manufacture company of your system. We know that IP address is a logical address and Unique in whole world for a system, but this thing does not necessary for MAC address.

If you have IP address of any system then by use of ARP you capable find the MAC address of system and By use of RARP you capable to find out MAC address.

So all above write things is enough for know about MAC address. Now our target is how to change MAC address of system when you use BackTrack 5, so let's start.

Step1: Open your terminal window in BackTrack 5 and for see present MAC address write....


and press enter key, in below pic i have shown the MAC address in RED Box,see pic...

Step2: Your MAC address works on eth0 , so for change the MAC address first keep down eth0, run command...

ifconfig eth0 down

see below pic..

Step3: Now i am going to change MAC address , so change it run command...

macchanger -r eth0

when you run this command then it show you current MAC address and Faked MAC address, see below pic...

Step4: Now your MAC address spoof now again active your internet interface eth0 by run command...

ifconfig eth0 up

see below pic...

Step5: Now again check your MAC address , so for this run command "ifconfig" , see below pic..

See MAC Address in Blue Box which that FAKE MAC address.


  1. Vishesh Yadav said...:

    looking good, tell u after trying it.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice share.:)

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