Send SMS to victim by any Cell number also send by victim Cell number

Hey you read right,today i am tell how you send the SMS to a person by any number also his Cell number,i am not kidding.
For example: Send a SMS to a girl by your friend Cell number,you know what i am say.

For this go to a website which help you click here

Register yourself on SMSglobal but before register, i am tell you a trick.

SMSglobal allow only 25 instant credits for free user means you only send 25 SMS but i am tell you a trick by which you found 125 credits means 125 free SMS for send globally.

When you fill the registration foam,you see a blank space for PROMO CODE here you write the" WPRESS " like given below...

you only fill the...
1: Username
2: Account type---> Personal
3: Complete Contact Information:: Please write right Mobile Number because Website send you password of the account.Do not add personal address.
4: Write Promo Code "WPRESS".Accept terms and condition and fill Verification Code.

You found 125 free SMS for send Globally by any Number.

I think this is the best threads on SMS hacking.And it also work does not like other SMS service.

If you really like it please given your good comment.


  1. satyandra said...:

    its a really nice technique

  1. Anonymous said...:

    awesome man:)

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