How to change language in Windows 7

Some version of Windows 7, such as Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise, allows users to change the support language to display text in wizards, menus, help and supports and dialog boxes. Here is the manual procedure to change language in Windows 7.

1.Click the Start button.
2.Click Control Panel.
3.Under the Category view, click the Clock, Language, and Region link and right after that click Change Display Language link located under the “Region and Language” section.

4.Under Icon view, click Region and Language icon, and click the Keyboards and Languages tab.
5.Under the “Display Language” section, choose and change language from the drop-down menu.

6.Click Apply.
7.Restart your computer for the change to take effect.

If you want to change the language of the welcome screen, network services, local system. If you also wish to change the language of new user accounts, follow this other procedure:

1.Click the Administrative tab in the “Region and Language” window.
2.Under the “Welcome screen and new user accounts” section, the Copy settings button.
Now, in the “Welcome screen and new user accounts” dialog box, tick the Welcome screen and system accounts and New user accounts checkbox.


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