Change Your Ip In Less Then 1 Minute

First go to run and type command prompt or cmd and open it,then follow step given below...
1# Type "ipconfig /release" , and hit "enter"
2# Type "exit" and leave the prompt
3# Right-click on "Network Places" or "My Network Places" on your desktop.If it is not present on the Desktop then go to control panel and open found it.
4# Click on "properties"
You should now be on a screen with something titled "Local Area Connection"

Right click on "Local Area Connection" and click "properties"
5# Double-click on the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" from the list under the "General" tab
6# Click on "Use the following IP address" under the "General" tab
7# Create an IP address ( just type 1 and 2 until i fill the area up or another just not matter it).
8# Press "Tab" and it should automatically fill in the "Subnet Mask" section with default numbers.
9# Hit the "Ok" button.

You should now be back to the "Local Area Connection" screen.

10# Right-click back on "Local Area Connection" and go to properties again.
11# Go back to the "TCP/IP" settings
12# This time, select "Obtain an IP address automatically"
Hit "Ok"
13# You now have a new IP address

This only changes your dynamic IP address, not your ISP/IP address.But it save full for hacking any website,I have also try it.


  1. Victoria Shiny said...:

    Thanks, I was able to change the IP which I confirmed through

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