Hack and find the IP address of the chat buddy

In hacking ,IP address of the victim is most important to do any hacking activities with victim system,but question come how to know the IP of the victim at online timing.Today i am going to tell you how to know the IP address of the victim with chating in chat box.
By this method you also know the victim location mean his country ,city and local time.

Chatrack is a website which provide the facility to track the victim IP address and geographical position. For going the site plz click below and free sign up...

After sign up sign in on the website and go to Track Codes option which shown below...

Here chose a picture and click on the picture...

A new tab open like given pic in last with a source code.

Copy the source code and paste in the chat box and say to the victim for click on the link ,when victim click on the link then he see a picture which chose by you and tracking start after 20 second go to chatrack and open the Track Result option shown in above pic,you got all information of the victim.

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