Set your play video as Desktop wallpaper

Hi guys,i am again come for u with new trick.Today i am gonna tell you how we set a play video as desktop wallpaper.
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Necessary Tool:: Only VLC Media Player.

Here i am tell you two different method by which you set your video as wallpaper in desktop because with different version of Media Player different trick work.

So ready guys,let's go...

Method 1: Run VLC,go to settings>>preferences>>Interface>>Main Interface, then click on
then tick the Taskbar and Systray icon.

Go to Video option on VLC>>Output Modules>>DirectX. When you done it then a Advance option come check it.You also see a option 'Enable Wallpaper Mode' check it.

Make a Playlist and click on 'Repeat current item' and save.

Close VLC and again play it.Right click on play video then a option come 'Wallpaper' click on it and look you desktop Screen .
It look like my desktop Screen which shown below...

Method 2: If above write Method and option not work on your VLC then do not fear because 'hrde' hear.

Go to Tool on VLC>>Preferences>>a window pop up>>click on Video>>in right side See DirectX
in under it click on 'Wallpaper Mode' and save it.

Go to Video option on VLC click on it,you see a option "Direct3D desktop Mode" click on it and watch desktop.


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