iPhone used as a keylogger

I think you shocked like me.Ya i am also shocked when i am know about it.A team of researcher said that he discovered a way to log keystrokes from computer simply by placing an iPhone 4 near a user's keyboard and monitoring the keyboard's vibrations.So it is not wrong to say iPhone is a 'Spiphone' .

The team at Georgia Tech used the accelerometer in an iPhone 4 to sense keyboard vibrations and determine what was being typed, without any connectivity to the user's computer or peripherals.Decoding Vibrations From Nearby Keyboards Using Mobile Phone Accelerometers", the researchers could decipher complete sentences with up to 80 per cent accuracy.

"The way we see this attack working is that you, the phone's owner, would request or be asked to download an innocuous-looking application, which doesn't ask you for the use of any suspicious phone sensors," said Henry Carter, a PhD student in computer science, and one of the study's co-authors. "Then the keyboard-detection malware is turned on, and the next time you place your phone next to the keyboard and start typing, it starts listening."

But i am not say clearly because since March 2011,Mohamed Hassan, founder of NetSec Consulting, said he discovered StarLogger software on Samsung laptops with model numbers R525 and 540 after running security scanning software on the systems. But Samsung says Keylogging claims false.


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