Risks with Short URLs and how to avoid it

Today post tell about you what risk are add with short URLs of any website and how to avoid it.

Short URL is a very famous method to change long URL address of any site into some words but with it many type of risk add with it.

URL shorting services provided by and, many other site available but these two too famous between user.

URLs short Service Increase the possibility of Phishing,how?

The answer of how,i am given in 4 points which write below...

1. Short URLs allow spammers to bypass anti-spam filters,because pages are automatic determined to be trusted by TinyURL and service.

2. Without information it redirect user to phishing sites by which capture the personal info.

3. Antivirus does not scan it so it redirects user to malicious site(malware).

4. Avoids experienced users to recongnize,whether URL is or not Suspicious.

How to Protect ourself ?

By TinyURL : For view original URL which short by TinyURL,go to TinyURL site ,there fo to "Preview" option like given below pic...

After page loading click on "Click here to enable preview" like given below...

When you do it then you have set your preference to show a preview of the URL before directly going to a TinyURL.

For : For protect by URL please first add feature add-on For Firefox
,when this install,then you can see Original URL of site by move mouse over Short URL.

But i am suggest you never open shortened URLs directly or with out identify.


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