Send Message To A Person By Other Person Email Id On Facebook

I am again come with a new hacking trick for my beloved Social Site 'FACEBOOK'. Today Hacking Trick tell you how you send a message to your friend by another friend Facebook ID and Address.

I think my line excite you,i know if i am say about FB then everyone excited for it.

For send a message on FB by other person ID,you must have ID address of Sender for this go to your friend Profile page and See his ID Like '' or another and note it for send message by this friend name and Address.(If you already know your Sender Friend ID address then Skip this step.)

After find Sender ID,go to Victim Friend profile page and watch URL of the Facebook page on top like given below...

Here you see a URL pic where i am underline the address of Victim friend ID and note it.

Note : If in place of Name in URL which you see in pic,any profile ID number write then you not able to send Email but if you know Victim Facebook Address then you capable for send mail.

After doing all work plz go to this side by which you send A Fake Email all over the world...

For Go to Site Click HERE

When you are go on website for send Fake Email then fill up the box...

In To you type Victim ID address which you found by URL but in place of or type

Type your Email Message And Send it.

You Successfully do it,For check plz try it with your two different Facebook ID.

Enjoy it and given your comment.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    the message is not sending the message is sent from emkei but the message is not received in facebook......

  1. Anonymous said...:

    no work this my friend

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