Mantra - Hacker browser

Today post given intro of a Web Browser who make for only Hacker and his work.

'Mantra' is a browser who combined with hacking tool which make work easy and very helpful for Hacker.I do not know which time his first version launch but when i am found it then i watch it is very nice browser like other Public Browser but his feature great.

You watch this browser picture below...

Mantra is a collection of free and open source tools integrated into a web browser.This browser very useful for students,penetration testers,web developers,security professional etc. Mantra is a security framework which can be very helpful in performing all the phases of attack like scanning,gaining access,maintaining access etc.

Mantra is very user friendly with a nice graphical user interface. It can be run natively on Linux,Mac and Windows platforms.

Here big factor is Mantra is absolutely free of cost.

For Download Latest Version Plz Click Here.


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