Proxy Bouncing

Proxy Bouncing is a trick by which a user connects to or bounce off several different proxy servers before connecting to the actual destination system.

This trick mostly used by the computer's criminals to blind the investigation agencies completely off their track.

By Proxy Bouncing,a bad guys are able to confuse the investigation agencies and get without caught.

USER------>Proxy 1----->Proxy 2----->Proxy 3------>
Proxy 4------>Final Destination

In Above diagram,you see a good view of Proxy Bouncing who help you think about Bouncing.

A large number of proxy servers are involved in a proxy bouncing  so it is impossible for the attacker to be traced.Some MultiProxy tool also change Proxy Server periodically.

Tool 1: Name: MultiProxy (For Windows OS) Click Here For Download

Tool 2: Name: Wingate (For Windows OS) Click Here For Download

Tool 3: Name: Squid (For Linux OS)  Mostly comes with popular Linux

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