Sniffing Wireless Packets By BackTrack 5 - Part 1

Hello friends, i have come again with new tutorial on BackTrack 5 , today i am telling ,how you sniff the information packets from your wi-fi network and know the information. So the basic requirement here is:

1. BackTrack 5 Operating System (Download it by help of Google Uncle)
2. A Wi-Fi or Wireless Network (Catch Collage Wi-Fi )
3. Mind (use your own )

Now first i am telling you how you can create your own Monitor Mode for catch the packets from Wireless  network.

Create Monitor Mode:

1. Go to BT5 and open terminal where write below command :


This command shown confirm your wireless cards (For know about Wireless card read ) , see below pic...

2. If your card have not UP show run command "ifconfig wlan0 up" see below pic,for confirm it run command "ifconfig wlan0" , For both command see below pic...

3. For put our Wireless Card on Monitor Mode run command:


See below pic...

4. To make Monitor Mode on wlan0 device interface run command :

airmon-ng start wlan0

When you did it ,a monitor mode interface create which name is mon0 , see below pic ...

For see Monitor Mode mon0 run the command :


See below pic where you able to see mon0 mode...

5. Running ifconfig should now display a new interface called mon0 , see below pic...

Now you successfully create a Monitor Mode which name is mon0 , now i am going to tell you how to use this mode and sniff the packets from the wireless networks.

Sniffing Wireless Packets:

1. Open a new Terminal on the Backtrack 5 and there write command :


Wireshark is tool which included with BackTrack5 when your run above command then it run see below pic...

2. When you run "wireshark" command then a window open like below pic...

Here click on "capture Options" see above pic.

3. When you click on "capture options" then a window open where go to interface and select "mon0" see below pic...

After select monitor mode mon0 then click on "start" button see above pic.

4. When you done step 3 then Wireshark start sniffing ,see below pic...

This is the 1st Part of Sniffing Wireless Packets by Backtrack5 ,in upcoming part i am telling you how to applied filter on Wireshark and also how to found sniff packet in plain text.

So always connect with me for new and interesting post , Your reply encourage me for write g00d post for you.


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