Sniffing Wireless Packets By BackTrack5- Part 2

I am going to continue my old post here in which i am telling you how to apply Filter in the Wireshark.
For Read first part of this thread click on below link...

In First Post i had told you how to make Monitor Mode mon0 , Now i am start sniffing packet but a large amount of packets come here in list so how to found any selected packet , the answer of this question is Filter who help you find your packet from a large collection.

First i am telling you type of Frame. I know first thing which come in your mind is "Hey, What the f**king things is this ?"

I thought everybody know our internet is a wlan (Wide Local Area Network) , you know a wlan communicate on Frame so i thing now you know about this f**king thing.

First i am telling you about types of wlan frame , there are three types of wlan frame :

1. Control Frame : Ensuring proper communication between the access points and wireless users.

2. Management frame: Maintaining Communication between Access points and Wireless users.

3. Data frame: Carry Data between Access Point and Wireless Users .

Now i think you know about Frame Very well , i am going to start practical .

1. If you want to see only captured Management frame then Enter in filter below write code :


And Press Apply button ,for example see below pic...

2. If you want to see only captured wlan control frame then type in filter box this expression :


And then press Apply button , see below pic...

3. For view the Data Frame type expression which one write below....


And again press Apply button , see below pic...

4. If you want see any sub-type with any frame type then write below expression :


Change Number according to your selection , see below pic... 

5. For alternative frame selection , click on any packet of window and then follow Apply as Filter >>> Selected , look below pic ...

You can also use TCP ,POP , UDP and more as  filter.

Now i think you able to apply filter on Wireshark, in my next part i will tell you how to sniffing packets from your network.


  1. Adil said...:

    Too Simple like old one,waiting for next one.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thank! now i hv know about f**king things#

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