Offline R00T Access in Linux

Hello friend, today tutorial tell you how to root access in Linux. Use this thing when you forget your Linux password . It is possible but only then if there is no grub menu encrypted, if not we are able to have a root access. but WHAT IS GRUB MENU ?

GRUB or the GRand Unified Bootloader is the bootloader commonly installed by Linux distributions on your hard disk. GRUB is responsible for showing you the menu that allows you to choose the operating system you want to boot into and also lets you tweak and control the booting options.

First of we need to have access to grub menu.You may see it when u have different OS on one computer or at least a few kernels. For Example when you start your Backtrack then it's show you different kernal .

When you see grub menu timer, just stop it by narrow buttons (up or down button of keyboard), we have stopped grub menu timer, see below pic...

For play with root privileges press "e" key on your keyboard..and now we can see (boot) properties. Choose second line which starts from kernel /vmlinuz.....
Press "e" again and go to end of this statement.
Now press "space" and type:   

single linux

Now press Enter button and then press "b" key, Now you get Root Privileges which look like:

[root@computername] #

After that you may add new user by below command :

adduser r00t1

passwd t00r1

Change old user password by command : 

passwd olduser

Hope this work for you and also very useful. Enjoy!

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